Student Resources

The following links will guide you to resources that will be useful during any research process. Read the annotations to determine which sites will best suit the needs for your specific project. You will also find guides created for specific projects here at Gar-Field. Use these guides along side the initial links below for a well researched project.

Research Process

4,000+ Research Paper Topic Ideas

University of Minnesota Library Research Guide

Using Primary Sources on the Web

Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed Journals (explanation)

Search Engines

Blog Search Engine

Federal R&D Project Summaries (Portal to Information about Federal Research Projects)

In-cites (Provides Commentary & Analysis on the Important Scientific Advances)

In-cites by Fields

Public Records Search Engine


PubMed Central (PMC) (Biomedical and Life Sciences Journal Literature)



Baker Library Research Guides (Harvard University)

Dissertations Database: The Center for Research Libraries (uncataloged dissertations from countries other than Canada & the U.S.)

Encyclopedia and Reference Resource

I Tools Info Please

Library of Congress

NewsLink (Newspapers)


Statistical Abstract of the United States

Statistical Resources on the web

Librarians Index to the Internet

Books for Understanding ("find books on current events")

Internet Public Library

Library of Congress Bibliographies, Research Guides, and Finding Aids

LOC Wise Guide (Online Magazine)

The Documents Center (Local, State, Federal, Foreign, or International Government Information)

Digital Librarian


Acronym Finder

Acrophile Acronym Lookup

American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (dictionary has a audio pronunciation option)

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures