Faculty Resources

General Lesson Plans

Discovery Education
Free lesson plans from Discovery created by their staff for their resources, fairly easy to search.

Free plans, submitted by teachers, searching is a little chaotic but lots of offerings.

Teachers Network
Submitted by teachers, search by grade and subject, lots of offerings.

Free plans, all subjects, easy search, lots of plans to choose from.

SMART Exchange
Open exchange of SMART lesson plans created by teachers. Lots of lessons for all subjects.

Movie License USA
List of movies with copyright permission to show the entire film in your class without having to follow fair use guidelines (departmental content approval still required).

Subject Specific Lesson Plans

Art Lesson Plans
Free plans, submitted by art teachers, easy to search, lots of options.

Civil War
Free plans from non-profit organization focused on civil war battlefields, lessons created by their staff, easy to search focused plans.

Earth Science
From the Geological Society of America, contains multiple resources.

Free plans from the Va Federal Reserve, links to more resources, easy search.

Economics Lesson Plans
Created by the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank.

Science Lesson Plans
Easy to search by subject, submitted by teachers after use in classroom, several options, links to other science resource website

VA Museum of Fine Art
Resources and lesson plans related to holdings, covers history as well as art

Algebra Help
Lessons, worksheets, practice questions

Web Tools

Slide Share
Upload powerpoint for entire class access

Todays Meet
Encourage the room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions, and use that feedback

build presentations

Create and post presentations with this app no need to worry about who has powerpoint and who doesn't

Create resource lists by class, store your favorite website links, accessible by guests without having to create user names

Son of Citation
Creates reference citations in a variety of formats, easy visual layout of menu/choices

Free citation generator, low cost virtual notecard and information literacy tool

All About Wikipedia
Dozens of articles about Wikipedia and it's uses, presence in search results, weaknesses, legal issues etc. From sources like Pew, The Economist, ERIC and more. Great resource to learn about Wikipedia and demonstrate it's strengths and weaknesses to students.

Professional Development

Multiple Tests
Limited practice questions, hard to find free part, covers more then 50 certification exams from GED to LSAT to CDL

College Program Navigator
Search by location, programs, degrees, population, tuition and fees. detailed searching created by National Center for Educational Statistics. Save searches, export to spreadsheets, a must use!

Virginia Department of Education
Main page for the Virginia Department of Education.

VaDOE Testing
Bottom right of the menu bar holds practice items, released tests and review schedules. Also access curriculum frameworks, standards and more.

Textbook Software

Follett Destiny - Gar-Field

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