Library Policies

The following policies apply at all times in the Gar-Field High School Library:

  • Students may use the Library to read or to write, to complete homework, to prepare for a test, to work on research, to play chess, or to prepare papers, PowerPoints, and other projects.
  • Food and drink (including water) are not allowed in the Library computer labs. This policy is for the protection of the collections and equipment, and applies to all staff and students.
  • In order to maintain a classroom environment, the Library will not be used as a cut-through.
  • During instructional time, a student coming to the library must present a pass to the Librarians and sign-in at the Laptops on the Circulation Desk.
  • Substitute teachers may not bring classes to the Library. In addition, substitute teachers may not write passes for students to come to the Library.

Cut-Through Policy:

  • No cut-through for students during class changes.
  • The single-door on both sides of the library will remain unlocked all day for faculty.
  • Students will be allowed to print at select workstations during class changes.

Lunch Pass Procedure:

  • In the library, from 7:10-7:25 a.m., students will sign-up to receive their lunch and/or after school passes for that day.
  • Students must pick up Lunch Ticket by 10 a.m.! Lunch tickets are only needed if you are going to the Cafeteria and then coming to the Library. Ask for a paper tray in the Cafeteria and show your Lunch Ticket to exit the Cafe. If you are coming directly to the Library at lunch you do not need a ticket. When your arrive come directly to the Circulation Desk to sign-in on the Laptops!

    Please see Ms. Gumm, Library Assistant at the Circulation Desk to receive your lunch ticket before 10 a.m. every day!

After School Procedure

  • Teachers who have stayed after-school to help students may utilize the library for student supervision for the "lag time" between when the students are done and when the activity bus departs. Teachers that want to use this service must call the library from their classroom or deliver the student in person.
  • Clubs/Sports sponsors who are supervising students after school are responsible for their students until the upper cafeteria holding pen is open.