Contact the Counseling Department

Gar-Field High School Student Services Department

Phone: 571-298-0045 and 571-298-0049
Fax: 703-580-1126

A-BENITEZ -- Becky Breitmaier [email protected]

BENITEZ A - CRUZ-GARCIA -- Malaika Washington [email protected]

CRUZ-M - GILLARD -- Ashley Redman [email protected]

GILLION - KAMDOUM -- Myisha Starks [email protected]

KAMPEN - MONDAL -- Daniel Lewis [email protected]

MONGE - RAMJ -- Megan Schaming [email protected]

RAMOS - SLOAN -- Kevin Flores [email protected]

SMITH - Z -- Stephanie Lemus-Ortiz [email protected]

Registrar - Jody Johnson [email protected]

Admin Assistant - America Carmichael [email protected]

Admin Assistant - Jane Lowther [email protected]

College & Career - Virginia Clemo [email protected]

New Horizons - Gabriela Padron [email protected]

Psycologist - Cashala Thomas [email protected]

Social Worker - Tiffany Sutton [email protected]

 Director of Counseling: Ms. Perez Pino

Parent Liaison: Mr. Gomez - [email protected]