Early Dismissal

How To Request an Early Dismissal

Early Dismissal STOPS At 1:45PM No dismissals will be processed after that time.

If the early dismissal requires a student to sign themselves out of school. A written request from a parent/legal guardian must be submitted to the appropriate alpha Administrative Assistant before school starts in the morning. It may also be emailed from an email on file to the appropriate Alpha Administrative Assistant.

The Written Request Must Include:

  • a reason for leaving
  • time of dismissal
  • parent/guardian's signature and telephone number

An early dismissal pass is written for the student only after verbal confirmation is received from a parent or guardian.

Students who do not follow proper procedure for checking in or out of school with the Alpha Administrative Assistant will receive an unexcused absence for each class missed and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Students who leave school without gaining proper approval from school authorities will receive a discipline referral for improper checkout procedures. A parent may not excuse this type of absence after the fact.

Picking Up Your Student for Early Dismissal

If you are picking up your student for early dismissal you must sign them out in the MAIN OFFICE entering through Door one which is located across from the baseball field.

You MUST have a valid Driver's Licenses, State ID, or a Non-Expired Passport. Without Valid ID we cannot release your student to you.

If you are sending someone to pick up your student, they must be on your student's emergency card list. If they are not on the emergency card list, you must email the appropriate Alpha Administrative Assistant (see list below) the person's FULL name and Date of Birth.

Alpha Administrative Assistants

Attendance for Last Names A –B

Ms. Fatima Arevalo; Email: [email protected]
Location: Main Office

Attendance for Last Names C-F

Ms. Maria Barquero; Email: [email protected]          
Location: Main Office

Attendance for Last Names G-L

Mrs. Tania Rodriguez-Cabrera; Email: [email protected]
Location: Main Office

Attendance for Last Names M-Re

Mrs.  Monica Cotto; Email: [email protected]
Location: Office 1301

Attendance for Last Names Ri - Z

Ms. Roxana Cubias; Email: [email protected]
Location: Office 1501