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The Helen H. Parr Chapter of the National Honor Society is an association of juniors and seniors who are selected by a Faculty Council with the advice of the faculty and staff of Gar-Field High School in accordance with the National Honor Society Constitution.  To be considered for membership,Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent standard of excellence. Students must also exhibit exceptionally high character, active leadership, scholarship and service to the school and community.  National Honor Society will induct new members in the fall of each year.  Once selected, membership is permanent if the student abides by the society’s rules. 

All National Honor Society members conduct and participate in school and community service projects, student leadership activities, and citizen education events throughout their membership.

Advisor:  Ms. Gordon, gordondk@pwcs.edu

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The 4 NHS Pillars of Excellence are



columnI will…

·      Maintain at least a cumulative 3.6 grade point average at the end of each semester.

·      Be enrolled in at least five classes for credit through the academic school year.



I will…

·    Contribute to my community by continuing individual community service 

·    Participate in at least 1 or more NHS community service activities planned for each school year.

·    Participate in any/all National Honor Society school fund-raisers. 




I will…

·       Be an example to my peers by exemplifying my school and Prince William County Public School’s expectations

·       Be an active participant in all National Honor Society meetings and events, whether they are providing service, raising money, or providing leadership and training 

·       Uphold the truth, promote honesty, and pursue justice regardless of the outcome

·       Uphold the Honor Code and encourage others to follow my example

·       Take responsibility for my words and actions

·       Read and respond to all paperwork and other administrative requests, including payment of dues (not to exceed $20 per year if required by the officers), that are shared at meetings and events in a timely and appropriate manner

·       Use my skills and status as an NHS member to contribute to a positive learning environment at Gar-Field High School 




I will…

·       Assume a leadership role in the chapter, whether running an office, serving as a committee chair, or volunteering for a specific responsibility at least once each year

·       Attend at least 75% of all general meetings and at least 75% of the meetings of committees of which I am a member

·       Welcome all new members, whether they are new inductees or transfer members, and help them become an active part of our school’s chapter as quickly as possible  

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