Athletic Program Head Coach Contact Information Tryout(s) Start Date
Athletic Trainer Mr. Scott Kozlowski [email protected] July 29
Marching Band Mr. Tim Turner [email protected] Aug. 2
Baseball Mr. Kenny Miller [email protected] Feb. 21
Basketball – Boys Mr. Jason Bell [email protected] Nov. 8
Basketball – Girls Mr. Michael Myles [email protected] Nov. 8
Cheer Ms. Imani Tanton [email protected] Aug. 3
Color Guard Mr. Nick Cowan
Aug. 2
Crew – Boys Mr. Wally Sorensen [email protected] Feb. 21
Crew – Girls Ms. Pat Williams [email protected] Feb. 21             
Cross Country – Girls Mr. Jarmal Latney [email protected] Aug. 2
Cross Country – Boys Mr. Tyler Dickerson [email protected] Aug. 2
Debate Ms. Theresa M. Szabo-Maas [email protected] Jan. 26
Field Hockey Ms. Amanda Cahow [email protected] Aug. 2
Football Mr. Tony Keiling [email protected] July 29
Forensics Ms. Theresa M. Szabo-Maas [email protected] Jan. 26
Golf Mr. Joe Pouliot [email protected] July 29
Gymnastics Ms. Elizabeth Thompson [email protected] Nov. 8
Indoor Track – Boys Mr. Jarmal Latney [email protected].edu Nov. 8
Indoor Track – Girls Mr. Tyler Dickerson [email protected] Nov. 8
Lacrosse – Boys Mr. Jonathan Flores [email protected] Feb. 21
Lacrosse-Girls Ms. Jackie Reyes [email protected] Feb. 21
Literary Magazine/Newspaper Ms. Katie Wilkinson [email protected] Submission by Mar. 15
Outdoor Track & Field – Boys Mr. Jarmal Latney [email protected] March 7
Outdoor Track & Field – Girls Mr. Tyler Dickerson [email protected] March 7
Scholastic Bowl Mr. Sean Todd [email protected] Nov. 8
Soccer – Boys Mr. Eber Martinez [email protected] Feb. 21
Soccer – Girls Ms. Bethany Kent [email protected] Feb. 21
Softball Ms. Amanda Cahow [email protected] Feb. 21
Swimming – Boys & Girls

Ms. Heather Bent  Ms. Stephanie Cichoski           

[email protected]
[email protected]
Nov. 8
Tennis – Boys Mr. Sean Todd [email protected] Feb. 21
Tennis – Girls Mr. Anthony Amorusu [email protected] Feb. 21
Theatre Mr. Casey Conrad-Medvis [email protected] Sept. 15
Volleyball Ms. Saprina Shomari [email protected] Aug. 2
Wrestling Mr. Jeremy Scott [email protected] Nov. 8
Yearbook Mr. Richard Thweatt [email protected] Sept. 15

Out-of-Season practices may begin as early as September 10. Final VHSL Modified Calendar will be confirmed on Sept. 17.
Winter Sports begin Nov. 8. Fall Sports begin July 29 or Aug. 2. Spring Sports begin Feb. 21.
All prospective student-athletes must maintain academic eligibility, have a 2021-2022 VHSL physical and concussion training on-file in the Athletic Training Office prior to participation.


Club/Activity Sponsor Meeting Day Meeting Location Email Address
African Student Association Ms. Brittany Harvell Every other Wednesday Classroom 1105 [email protected]
Art Club Mr. Neil French Ms. Lauren Jacobs Thursday Classroom 1167 Classroom 1618 [email protected] [email protected]
Book Club Ms. Melissa Campbell Every other Wednesday Library [email protected]
Color Guard Ms. Patricia Garvey [email protected]
Chemistry Club Ms. Megan Lee Every other Thursday Classroom 2505 [email protected]
DECA Ms. Marilyn Clark Every other Tuesday Classroom 1715 [email protected]
Dominants Mr. Nathan St. Pierre Daily Classroom 1929 [email protected]
Dungeons & Dragons Ms. Jennifer Hatton Tuesday Classroom 2701 [email protected]
Ecology Club (Green Club)) Ms. Teresa Kitchen Tuesday Classroom 2405 [email protected]
Edge Club Ms. Helene Chapman Monday Classroom 1719 [email protected]
Esports Mr. Bryan Clark Tuesday/Thursdays Classroom 2302 [email protected]
French Club Ms. Nassima Elfatihi Monday Classroom [email protected]
French Honor Society Monday
Senior Class of 2021 Ms. Chevelli Smith TBA TBA [email protected]
Educators Rising Ms. Leslie Barbour Monthly/2nd Thursday Classroom 1718 [email protected]
Gay-Straight Alliance Ms. Mickie Sullivan Every 3rd Thursday Classroom 3124 [email protected]
G-F Players Mr. Casey Conrad-Medvis Thursday Classroom 1718 [email protected]
GF Web Club Mr. Pat Hogan Every other Monday Classroom 1712 [email protected]
Journalism Ms. Lauren Miller TBA Classroom 1201 [email protected]
Dance Team Ms. Daveda Walton Daily Girls Auxiliary Gym [email protected]
International Club Mr. Brian Bassett TBA Auditorium [email protected]
Jazz Band Mr. Tim Turner TBA Band Room [email protected]
Freshmen Class of 2024 Mr. Rory Millette TBA TBA [email protected]
Key Club Ms. Stephanie Smith Every other Tuesday Auditorium – Upper [email protected]
Math Club Mr. Dan Buckley Every other Friday Classroom 2316 [email protected]
Model United Nations Mr. William Frauenfelder TBA TBA [email protected]
Muslim Student Association Ms. Stephanie Cichoski Fridays Classroom 2708 [email protected]
National Honor Society Ms. Della Gordon 3rd/4th Wednesdays of month Library [email protected]
Orchestra Mr. Dennis Leoni Daily Orchestra Room [email protected]
Recycling Club Ms. Bridget Weber Wednesday Classroom 2202 [email protected]
Robotics Ms. Ardenia Lewis Tuesday/Thursday Classroom 1630 [email protected]
SADD Todd Ellis TBA Classroom 1310 [email protected]
Science National Honor Society Ms. Kelly Montana Monthly/TBA Classroom 2412 [email protected]
Sea Perch Mr. John Ruf 1st/3rd Thursday of month Classroom 1101 [email protected]
Junior Class of 2022 Ms. Milagros Polanco TBA TBA [email protected]
Sophomore Class of 2023 Mr. Ike Alberts TBA TBA [email protected]
Spanish Honor Society Ms. Issa Perdomo TBA Classroom 1510 [email protected]
Step Team – Essence Ms. Markette Plummer Daily Auditorium Lobby [email protected]
Student Council Association Mr. Jonathan Flores Mr. Kenny Miller 1st/3rd Tuesday of month Classroom 1619 [email protected]  [email protected]
Symphonic Band Mr. Tim Turner Daily Band Room [email protected]
Tri-M National Music Honor Society Mr. Nathan St. Pierre 1st Tuesday of month Classroom 1929 [email protected]
Women’s Leadership Club Mr. Jonathan Flores TBA Classroom 2304 [email protected]