Student Course Requests 2020-21
Posted on 03/26/2020
Student Course Requests 2020-21

Students can visit to view their course requests on the "course request" tab. Additionally, students will also be able to request additional courses they would like to take by emailing their counselors.

Students will NOT be able to access course requests from the StudentVue app, only through an internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.).  

All recommended and requested courses can be discussed with students via email with their counselors.  Many of our students completed the academic advising process individually with their counselors in previous weeks. For those who did not get this opportunity, don’t worry!  Your counselors are still completing your course requests from home and you will be able to see them from studentvue using a browser as suggested above.  Counselors are still waiting for decisions regarding finals grades for current classes.  They are using your current transcript and work in progress to guide them toward completing your course requests and need your input for electives or changes.

A copy of the registration forms and Elective Course books are posted on the website for students and families to use as a guide.


Mrs. Prince

Director of Counseling


Ms. Gaskins

Student Last Names: A - Bl

Mrs. Marshall

Student Last Names: Bo - C

Ms. Starks

Student Last Names: D - Gonz

Mrs. Kamran

Student Last Names: Goo - K

Mrs. Casillas

Student Last Names: L - Mi

Mrs. Trevis

Student Last Names: Mo - Q

Mr. Jackson

Student Last Names: R - Sm

Ms. Dunlap

Student Last Names: So - Z




Mrs. Kellogg

College and Career Counselor

Mr. Weber

School Psychologist

Ms. Sutton

School Social Worker

Ms. Shell-Smith

New Horizon Therapist


Instruction video about accessing course recommendations on StudentVUE

2020-21 PWCS High School Course Catalog

Upperclassmen Electives - Course Catalog

Freshmen Elective - Course Catalog

GFHS Registration Form

Online Course Request instruction booklet for Students

If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to reach out your student’s counselor.