Code Orange Snow Days
Posted on 01/11/2022

Code Orange Inclement Weather Information

PWCS recently introduced the "Code Orange" option for inclement weather.  "Code Orange" will be used with weather conditions make roads and sidewalks unsafe, but do not create major disruptions to utility services and internet.  When PWCS calls a Code Orange, schools are closed for in-person learning and students work remotely to complete previously-assigned tasks at home and review previously-taught content. Teachers are available during the office hours posted below to answer any questions students may have. Zoom links are posted on the corresponding Canvas page.

What happens on a "Code Orange" day?

  • School buildings will be closed
  • Busses will not run
  • Students will work remotely on make-up work and remediation
  • GFHS teachers will have Zoom links posted on their Canvas Pages for live “office hour” supports, which students will use to get extra help and support on their make-up or remediation work.

Code Orange Office Hours

Please see the PWCS website for more information about inclement weather procedures: