Theresa Szabo-Maas, Ph.D.

Woods Hole

     Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for my students and parents: I hope this finds you all well and virus free! Hopefully you all have been receiving my emails (through your school email address) regarding instructional updates during this unprecedented time. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL REGULARLY FOR UPDATES.
     Also, please go to Useful Links (on this webpage) to get updated links for your class. We will be using Microsoft Teams going forward for online instruction - resources and instructional materials will be found there. In addition, we will use the Teams website for online assessments after April 14th. Please login to your class - I will be checking to see that everyone has signed in shortly. Additional links to assist with reviewing material can be found under Useful Links as well. 

     Here is an interesting link to follow progression of the virus at the current time: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Map. Please note: this map is updated multiple times a day. Please stay healthy! :)

Class Schedule: 


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IB Biology II HL





IB Biology II HL





Office Hours:
Tuesday, 2:30-3:30pm


How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
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