Yearbook Picture 2018-2019
Earth Science and Astronomy Teacher

Contact Information:

Class Periods: 3,4,7 (Astronomy) 5,6 (Earth Science)
Planning/Duty: 1,2

Room 2518

Virtual Office Hours:
9am-12pm (and by appointment)
Students and parents are welcome to email me at any time. I will check my email frequently, but with new circumstances, it may take me a little longer to figure out answers to your questions. Students are also welcome to contact me through Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Codes:
(Students must be logged into their email accounts)
Period 3 - fnoc2zs
Period 4 - lksvk7b
Period 5 - feaovp4
Period 6 - qloaiu7
Period 7 - hnegybd

I will communicate to students most often through Google Classroom. However, for essential information, I will also send an email notice to their Office 365 account. 

Through Google Classroom, students will have many optional assignments and resources available to them. All of my notes/ review materials for the rest of the year are already posted. I have also posted related Khan Academy videos, Gizmos, EdPuzzles, and digital projects (through Google Slides or Google Docs).

The calendar attached to this page is connected to my Google Classroom accounts. All due dates will be visible here as well as on students' Google calendars. 

Flipgrid Codes:
For optional assignments - garvey2020
For general announcements - garvey