This is a general list. You can find specific weekly activities under the files and documents section

I want to go on a Field Trip:

>>Browse Art books for free online from the archives of the Guggenheim Museum, one of the most famous art museums on the planet:


>>Explore art works, writings and more from the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the top art colleges and museums in the United States:


>>Look through or download one of 1000s of 3-D models of art and artifacts from the Smithsonian, one of the most famous families of museums on the planet:


>>Here’s another list of virtual fieldtrips:


>>or check out some of the Guggenheim's artist profile videos:

>> Did you like those artists' video profiles? Watch Art21:

I want to make something!


>>Try this trick that helps you draw incredibly complicated linear perspective drawings more simply by using some string:


>>Try your hand at some paper engineering (building 3-D forms out of paper)


>>Or making sculptural faces out of toilet paper rolls:

This is what they can look like:


>>I want to get better at digital artwork, but don’t have access to Adobe:

Here are some free programs to use instead of Adobe:


>>I was really looking forward to clay :(

Make your own self- hardening clay!


>>Look up some origami tutorials, learn how to make a crane, swan, or something else, and then draw it! Draw it and use it as a light/shadow study, where you diagram the light source, and shade the highlights, base tone and shadow(s). No origami paper? Cut up the junk mail and magazines that you will continue getting in the mail no matter what the public crisis is!


I want to feel more in control

This is a scary time, and can feel unsafe. If you are feeling unsafe, find the place in your home that you feel safest. Now decorate the heck out of it! Make it yours! Here are some options:


>>Build a blanket fort.

>>Paint a wall.

>>Rearrange the furniture.

>>Find some artwork that you like online, print it and hang it up.

>>Make some art and hang it.

>>Draw or paint a window to hang up.


I miss my friends

>>Draw or paint portraits for your friends


>> Write out your friends’ names in artistic ways and hang them around your space.  Intimidated? Google image search “Calligraphy” find some lettering that you like, and trace the letters! Think about how the shapes of the letters fit together and the spaces in between them.


>> Make a nice card (remember the never-ending cards?), drawing, origami, or written note, and snail mail it to a friend. Create a snail-mail exchange with several friends, and create collections of what your friends send you in your space, so that your friends will still be present in your home even while you’re physically separated. The CDC believes that mail, specifically paper mail, should be safe, and not a vessel for transmitting coronavirus. That having said, wash your hands.

I wanna play video games:

>>Play Minecraft! Minecraft is all about building and shaping your environment (which is art: interior design, architecture, and 3D modeling virtual installation spaces), and helps you develop not just the type of thinking that architects, interior designers, product designers, animators, and other artists need, but also the type of 3-D modeling skills that can translate to other 3-D modeling programs that artists use.


>>Play any video game and take a screen shot or other photo of a particularly beautiful scene. Beauty doesn’t have to be pretty: it could be the visceral gut fear you feel when a giant boss looms over your character. When you’re playing a game, and see something that is awesome, capture it. As your reach, write down or video yourself talking about what you like about the screen shot.


Do you have anything else?

>>Take a college level art class for free from Yale! (No, this doesn’t give you college credits, but you can include it on your college applications and put it under “Continuing Education” on your resume)

>>There are so many other great tutorials here:


>>This is another amazing list of activites:


More coming soon!