Google Arts & Culture -

List of Virtual Field Trips -

Smithsonian for kids -

National Gallery of Art in DC (lots of online resources for exploring art)

How to Make a Notan Square (a cool collage project using positive/negative space principles)

Go to this amazing website:
Watch the video to learn how the images were done.  Click on the "Explore" link in the top left and check out some of the photos for at least 10 minutes, using the zoom tool to see the incredible details and color combinations.  Then draw one of your favorite insects (or a closeup view of part of it).

Perspective video review of cubes/buildings

Double Images Galore!  The making of the Toyota Prius "Harmony" advertisement.  Check it out!

See lots of examples of people recreating works of art with ordinary things from around their house!

Printing techniques you can use to decorate the back sides of your Art Journal panels, or just a cool extra project you could do for fun!  Click the link and then scroll down to the "Found Object Print Collage" video.

More ideas on printmaking techniques you could use in your Art Journal!