Hello! I hope everyone is doing well.  I honestly miss each and every one of you. While we're waiting on further instructions for what the rest of the school year will look like, I have created an online virtual classroom for each of my classes.  

Go to "files and documents" in the upper left-hand corner of this page.  I have all the necessary websites and codes for the classes. 

Go to "Useful Links" for all of the review material that you can use to freshen up on the things we have already covered in class. 

I know the spirit of my classes and also know what great things you are all capable of doing when you set you mind to it.  This too shall pass, as they say, and we will all be stronger for having lived through these days. I can't wait to see everyone. 



B.A. George Mason University U.S. History (Colonial America) Minor in Special Education.
Highly Qualified in History and Algebra. Former G-F Indian baseball player and head baseball coach. I've been teaching for 15 years in PWCS, all at Gar-Field.

Personal Message

I'm looking forward to my 15th year teaching at Gar-Field.  I am proud to be serving the
school from which I graduated in 1982.  This year I will be teaching Algebra 1 Part 1 (Math180) and Personal Living and Finance.

Class Schedule: 
All classes located in room 1228 - downstairs across from the clinic.


Red Days

Blue Days

1/2 Planning Algebra 1 Part 1 (Math Credit)
Self Contained
 3/4 Algebra 1 Part 1 (Math Credit)
Self Contained           
Algebra 1 Part 1 (Math Credit)
Self Contained
5/6 Algebra 1 Part 1 (Math Credit)
Self Contained
Algebra 1 Part 1 (Math Credit)
Self Contained
7       Personal Living and Finance
                 Self Contained

Virtual Office Hours:  Tuesday thru Friday -- 2:40-3:30


How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
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