Megan Lee

  • Hello students!  I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying your time at home.  I know most of you have joined our google classroom page.  For those of you who missed class on March 12th or March 13th you should have received an email invite from me.  If you didn't or you are having trouble, please send me an email at


    For Chem I students:
          As you may have heard, SOLs have been cancelled.  So on the google classroom website, I have added the following activities:
    1. Review of Semester 1
  • 2.  Make-up opportunity of lab from March 12/13
  • 3.  Review of Unit 8 and quizzes of the concepts
  • 4.  And more fun to come!

       For SL Chem II Students:
         As you may have seen, IB is "considering" changes to the IB testing schedules/arrangements.  However, as you know you still have your IA to complete and Topics to practice and review.  On the Google Classroom you have the following:
        1. Review of Medicinal Chemistry 1, 2 and 3
         2.  Practice of Topic 6
         3.  Notes and Videos of Topic 7
         4.  And, of course, more to come.

Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions that you have.  Stay safe and well!

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