Hello dear students! Please read the information below...

Spanish I students:Two packets have been added to the Homework section to reinforce some of the contents practiced this school year.

if you would like to practice and continue improving your listening skills, 
go to the link below. There, you will find short recordings about basic topics. You could try to make a list of the words you understood, cognates, false cognates or just write what you think the recording was about. Feel free to share your ideas with me.

Spanish For Fluent Speakers students: Queridos estudiantes, el link que ven abajo contiene una de las historias más populares y famosas de la literatura americana. Iba a ser el último libro que analizaríamos para el Quarter 4. Les invito a leerlo y les garantizo que disfrutarán la historia y que les será muy difícil olvdarla.

Por favor recuerden que durante la lectura de la historia pueden analizar:

  • Los tipos de personajes.
  • El ambiente.
  • Los elementos de la trama.

Si gustan, compartan su opinión sobre la historia y me cuentan en qué se diferencia con respecto a las historias que leímos de Horacio Quiroga.

“De ratones y hombres”
John Steinbeck
New York, 1973

Hello Dear Students,
I hope everyone is and feels safe, stress-free and healthy at home. This situation is new for all of us. However, I'm pretty sure that we will work this out if we work together and put the same effort you guys showed in class.

I will try to make this as simple as possible for you, but it does not mean that it will not be challenging or meaningful. On this web page you will find what we've covered so far, and also, what we will do during these days.

Please, visit the Homework section and find non-graded assignments so you can review, reinforce and practice the standards studied this school year. 
Assignments must be sent to me via email to my email address

I will miss each one of you, you were students I will always remember. When we all come back to school, please do not hesitate to come and visit your Spanish teacher.
Seniors please know that I am super proud of you and I'm pretty sure your parents feel the same. You know where to find me. It will make me feel really happy to be visited by you as well. 

Please stay safe & stay home!
                                                  Keep Calm