Happy Monday and I hope everyone is healthy and keeping busy. Our Geometry team has been working together and we have put together a file with links for each target to help you review. I am putting all our closure review material in a folder called Closure so it will be easy to find. I will be adding practice worksheets with answers for those of you that want to practice.

Please remember, none of the work is required but it is recommended  for you to keep your skills up by reviewing. If you have questions, please email me and and I will get back to you.

I will be using Microsoft Teams (part of Office 365) to provide a platform where we can communicate, where you can find review materials. If you haven't used Teams before, you can access your team by doing the following:

1. In Outlook, click on the "waffle" icon near the upper left part of the screen (next to the word "Outlook").
2. Find the "Teams" icon in the drop-down list of apps. Right-click it and select "Open in new tab" to open a new tab in your browser, leaving your email tab open.
3. Find the team icon for your class in the new tab and click on it.
4. That's it! Now you're able to communicate with me and other students using Teams.


 The retake window for tests will be sometime during the week of 14 April - 17 April.  As  we haven't worked out the details for how we'll conduct the retakes, but at this point they'll likely need to be completed on a particular day during a specific window of time. 

Stay safe.
Ms. Shala

Class Schedule: 


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Blue Days