Students currently enrolled in HPE II still need to attend the 90-minute parent/teen presentation to meet the HPE II course requirement and the Virginia Code §22.1-205 requirement. On or about May 8, I will be posting the upcoming dates for the virtual 90-minute parent/teen driver education presentations on my class webpage.  A parent and student must attend the entire virtual meeting together sitting side-by-side on a device in the virtual presentation. If unable to attend the virtual presentations this school year, there will be opportunities to attend the 90-minute parent/teen driver education presentations next school year to meet this requirement.

Driver Education DEC-8 Completion Cards and TDL-180 Temporary Driver Licenses
DEC-8 Completion Cards and TDL-180s remain in the school buildings.  Buildings are closed and not accessible to retrieve these items at this time.   

When information becomes available regarding behind-the-wheel programs beginning again, we will schedule classes as soon as possible.  

Juvenile Licensing 
For more information on juvenile licensing please visit the PWCS Driver Education webpage or the DMV webpage at

Google Classroom will be used for content for the remainder of the school year.  An email was sent via the HUB with instructions for creating your Google Classroom account.  
The site can be accessed via a computer or by using the free app on your device.  Our Google Classroom contains some online resources including a YouTube channel as well as many examples of workouts you can do without equipment.  Use this link or do an internet search for "google classroom" and/or download the app on your phone.  

If you did not receive the email and/or the classroom code, please email me and I'll get it to you asap.

I'm wishing you and your loved ones the best during this difficult time.

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