Anthony Amoruso
703-730-7000 ext. 0380

Class Schedule: 

Blue Days
2, FLEX, 4, 6

Red Days
1, 3, 5, 7

2nd period
To be determined

1st period
To be determined


3rd period
English 9 MYP

4th period
English 9 MYP

5th period
Film Studies

6th period

Theory of Knowledge

7th period
English 9 MYP


Office Hours:
I will update this space when I have received my duty assignment.

I am willing to stay after school any day to work with a student if my schedule allows it. Ideally, students should reach out to me about staying after to formally schedule a time. However, I can often be found in my room after school until at least 4pm every day, Monday through Friday. If a student shows up ready to work, I will do whatever is necessary to help that student.

How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here:

Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar you choose to subscribe to.