Ms. Jacobs, Room 1618

Hi, I'm Ms. Jacobs. My pronouns are she/her. I breathe art. I want you to, too. I live in Manassas with my fiance, 2 dogs, many books, art studio, and large garden.

A graphic novel style digital painting, monotone, in various tones of green. In the foreground, We see a woman who is  looking over a newspaper that she is reading, and making eye contact with the viewer. In the background is a cityscape.

I am so excited to be making a home at Gar-Field! This is my first year teaching high school. Before teaching at Gar-Field, I taught art for various local colleges and universities for 9 years, and in elementary school for 2 years. I also teach in various wilderness camps.

If you are not intrinsically, emotionally connecting to the art you are making in my class, then I am doing something wrong. Art is about your exploration. Art is a form of communication, and about critical, subjective thinking. In order to learn this method of communication, building the skills with which to craft your message is necessary, but it is most important to me that you know what you want to say and how you want to say it. If you have a different idea for an artwork that you want to make other than the one assigned, AND it fits the same learning targets listed on the project prompt, talk to me about it!

I want my classroom to be a second home for you. The classroom belongs to us together.

In my own artwork, I create sculptures, paintings and installations that focus on the connection between our bodies, senses, emotion, wilderness and architecture. You can see more of that at

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Office Hours:
By appointment after school, and Thursdays until 5pm. Art club and Mural club meet on Thursdays.

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