Please continue to send me your missing assignments.  I will update the gradebook as I receive those assignments.  Things that you should be working on and turning in are the Endangered Species Project, the Biome Project, the Bean Lab write-up, and the food web activity.  You can send these files to me via email, you can also take a picture of the worksheets/write-ups and email them to me.  If you have any questions, please email them to

Also, while at home, I encourage you to read a book that we can talk about upon your return.  Try and read some science-related articles online if you can so we can work on some current events in class.  

Update: As of March 14th, we have covered Targets 1-5, and a little of 6.  You can view our targets list in the files folder.  I will be updating this webpage for activities to complete while home. Stay tuned!  Keep sending in missing work!

Update 3/24/2020:
I have activated all our Microsoft Team Class accounts.  Please find access to those by logging into your Office 365 and clicking on Teams.  There is also a Microsoft Teams app that you can download if you'd rather use it that way.  Email me with questions!