Update 5/27

I have updated the 4th Quarter review material file with additional material for the remaining weeks. It is important to keep up your math skills even though you are not in the classroom. Remember, this material is optional and ungraded so you do not turn it in.


Update 5/15

I hope everyone continues to do well. We are coming up on the end of the school year. During staff meeting yesterday we were given adjusted dates for when grades from the first 3 quarters will be reposted. They are:

MK1 May 21st

MK2 May 22nd

MK3 May 26th

This is shortening the time left for retakes so if you are needing to raise you grade there is not much time left. The last day I will be able to retest will be May 26th as there will be a final refresh of grades. That leaves 3 test days left so I can finalize everything. Remember you can retest 1 target at a time. I check my emails often during the school day and am on email "live" Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2 so you will get an immediate response.

Finish the year strong!

5/12 Update

I hope everyone continues to do well. Please remember to check the optional review work to keep your math skills active! This week is an online Geo Caching activity!

For those of you looking to improve your grade, there is only 2 weeks left so please let me know. Instructions are posted in 4/27 update and was sent via email.

I am still at office hours Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 2 so email me your questions and I will respond in real time.


5/5/20 Please remember, office hours are not via email with a response sent back in real time. Zoom office hours will be used for testing.

 Khan Academy Class Codes
Period 2: RZF2E47C
Period 5: C3SAZP5T
Period 7: 6CS53FTJ

DeltaMath: 149542

Monday, 4/27  Welcome to 4th Quarter!

3rd quarter grades have been finalized. Report cards will be sent early May.
For 4th quarter there are two types of work you can do:
1. 4th Quarter work which is optional/ungraded review work
2. Remediation work to show mastery to improve target grades from any quarter

4th Quarter Work
4th Quarter is optional and ungraded work but is designed to review and reteach material that is important for you to master as you move on to next year.

I have created a folder in the documents section titled: 1 Geometry 4th Quarter Work
and I will be posting weekly review there. The first file is the quarter schedule so that is where you want to start.

Each row shows the week it is scheduled but you can work on it at any time. I've included online lesson links, youtube videos, and practice assignments. I've included multiple options so you can chose what you want to do. This is for your learning so pick what will help you the most. Any worksheets that go along with the review are also posted in the folder.

If you are working on these and need help, please feel free to come to office hours! 

Remediation Work to Show Mastery
If you are looking for a way to improve your overall grade, here is your chance.
You need to email me the unit number and target you want to redo. You can find your grades for targets through Student Vue. Once you know what target, email me and I will send you the work for that target. It will include reteach material and practice. Once that is done I will give you a summative assessment.

You can redo more than 1 target but you can only do 1 at a time. Once you finish a target, you can then work on another. You will be able to redo a target only once.

Please do not email me and ask "What can I do to improve my grade" what you can do is the remediation work to show mastery and you need to tell me the unit and target.

Final due date for all remediation work is May 29th.

Monday, April 13th
Welcome back from spring break! I hope everyone is doing well. 

I've sent out 2 emails today and will post the information here as well. 
First, there will be office hours on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 1-2. I will be in a zoom meeting and you are welcome to join if you have questions or need help. To join the zoom meeting you need to login with your first and last name and have your video on before I admit you to the meeting. This is for everyone's security. If you did not get the email with the meeting number and password, please email me and I will send it to you.

TEST Retake/Make Ups

I know many of you are working hard to be ready to retake/make up tests from 3rd quarter. I want to let everyone know the instructions and how the tests will be administered. Make sure you read the entire announcement so you know how to sign up to take a test!

If you are retaking the Unit 7 test, either 1 or both targets, make sure you complete the remediation worksheet and email me a picture so I can check it over and make sure understand the material. 

If you need to take the Unit 6 or Unit 7 test because you were absent, you are not required to do remediation but you do want to study.

You can join me during office hours on Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2. I sent out a separate email with the login information. This will be a great time to get help and ask questions.

All tests will be completed online through Microsoft forms. The questions are just like the ones you have seen before so they will look similar. I have written the test so each target can be completed in 30 minutes or less and they are timed accordingly.

To SIGN UP to take a test you must email me the date/time from the list below that you are going to take the test. If it is a retake, submit your remediation at this time. I will then send you the test link. The link will not work until the set day and time so just keep it until then. When you take the test you will just be putting in the answers. The tests are a mix of multiple choice and short answer. I recommend you do work on a separate sheet of paper and email me a picture of your work when you finish the test. That way I can check your work and give partial credit as appropriate. If I do not receive your work, then the questions will be graded as right or wrong. You  need to start the test at the start time (not during the allotted time) and submit at the end time. Please remember, you may use a calculator but academic integrity is still in place, no getting help from others, online, or using your notes. Do the right thing.

U7T1 U7T2 Unit 6 Make up
Thurs 4/16 2-2:30 2:30-3 3-4
Fri 4/17 10-10:30 10:30-11 10-11
Mon 4/20 1-1:30 1:30-2 1-2



UPDATE Monday 3/30

Happy Monday! I hope everyone will be able to join into our zoom meeting tomorrow at 10 am. I'll go over review material that is available and answer questions. Hope to see you then.

UPDATE Wednesday 3/25

Hope everyone continues to be well and are keeping busy. I know there is still confusion as to how we will finish our year but we are continuing to get updates. There have been concern for those that wanted to do retakes on the Unit 8 and I have remediation ready for those that want to retake. Please go to the Closure Material folder below. You will find a sub-folder that says Unit 8 Remediation and in that are 2 files, one for each target. 

In the main folder I have also included practice worksheets on unit 7 ad unit 8 material. The answers are included.

Please reach out to me if you have questions or need help with material. More information on how we move forward should hopefully come out soon. Miss seeing you all and stay safe.


Happy Monday and I hope everyone is healthy and keeping busy. Our Geometry team has been working together and we have put together a file with links for each target to help you review. I am putting all our closure review material in a folder called Closure so it will be easy to find. I will be adding practice worksheets with answers for those of you that want to practice.

Please remember, none of the work is required but it is recommended you keep your skills up by reviewing. If you have questions, please email me and and I will get back to you.

Stay safe.
Ms. Sartori


NEW procedure for retakes! Trying to make it easier for students.
1. Complete test corrections on a separate sheet of paper. Show all work and give an explanation of what your original error was
2. Have completed unit review packet
3. Turn in both the test corrections and completed unit review packet with a note on what day you want to re-take. (After school or flex). I will have sticky note pad by the turn in bin you can write the date on. 
4. Staple together and turn into the bin.

Extra practice and I will assign when appropriate: online program DeltaMath.com
This is a free program that students create an account using their school email. When they create their account, they need to input the teacher code which is 149542
When they log in students can see the assignments I have created.

*** Important: In order to provide quicker feedback on practice problems, I will not be grading the worksheets but will be giving formative quizzes in class to check student progress.